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  Essex example

This is an example assessment to demonstrate how Perception works.

As you will see below, you can ask various question types, and use images.

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Put these Vice-Chancellors in historical order, newest (1) to oldest (5):

Martin Harris
RJ Jonhston
Ivor Crewe
Anthony Forster
Colin Riordan

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In 1969, the University of Essex reached the final round in University Challenge. But which other university did we lose to?

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Quays bridgeThe footbridge, crossing over the railway, and joining the Quays accommodation to the main Colchester campus, cost £800,000 to build.

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Match these 'houses' to the following campuses:
Wivenhoe House
Princess Caroline House
Roding House

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The Colchester campus is usually associated with which famous artist?

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Match these theatres to the following campuses:
Corbett theatre
Clifftown theatre
Lakeside theatre

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How many lakes are there on the Colchester campus?

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The University of Essex opened its doors to students in 1964, but in which year did the SU Bar first open?

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The University of Essex is home to one of the few remaining paternoster lifts. Where is this lift located?

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On the Colchester campus, which accommodation building was first completed?

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The University of Essex has campuses in which towns?

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